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The Treachery of Images & Other Goings-On

 The Treachery of Images Is the latest in the upcoming queue of artwork for Ol’ Milkies on Redbubble. It’s been pretty fun, and I can’t wait to help him polish more art for the webs. These are not the pipes you’re looking for. All bad jokes aside…

Redbubble Affiliate Program – Approved!

**Please Note: I was compensated for this post! This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.** Redbubble.com recently approved my application to become an affiliate, which I’m super excited about! I know announcing this with sheer excitement is probably not proper blogging […]

Speaking Retro

Speaking Retro Brian (aka ItsMeMilky) is uploading his art to Redbubble. Pretty sweet stuff. You should check it out – it’s retrofied 8-bit art he made in the Animal Crossing editor based off of famous pieces. He’s putting a lot of artwork on pillows, t-shirts, mugs, clocks, etc. It looks hysterical and awesome.

Artwork, You Have My Attention

Artwork Well, artwork and wedding photography have been on my mind a lot lately. The last wedding I photographed was for my friend Arwen in Savannah, GA. The Spanish moss, oak trees, and overall scenery were familiar. This is the first wedding I’ll be photographing in Abbeville, which makes me a bit nervous due to […]

Warrior Research Weekend

The Research: Photography & Warrior Weekend Watching Before we get to the Warrior Weekend Watching bit, I’ll start off with what’s been going on in life lately. Of course everyone has a life, but I’m starting to really feel the work-to-life balance with a full-time job and this endeavor. But I do love a challenge.  […]

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Eliminating Confusion

The Confusion So, a few readers expressed confusion about the whole “Save Brian’s Ear” thing (rightly so, I was trying for cleverness and that usually doesn’t work so well ). No, his ear is not falling off and doesn’t need to be surgically sewn on (that’d be awful!) but he does need a tympanoplasty for the […]

Updates! Stuntwoman Book Review & More

The Review So, Updates! Stuntwoman Book Review & More! The eagerly-awaited The Stuntwoman’s Workout: Get Your Body Ready for Anything arrived at my door a few days ago and I finished it in one sitting (yes, it was that interesting). Danielle Burgio (the author), is, well, obviously a badass. She doubled as Trinity in The Matrix Reloaded and […]

The Fundraiser Begins

Well, here goes nothing. The full story of how Brian lost his ear is on the fundraising link (YouCaring), but I feel it’s necessary to post here as well. I shared it on my Facebook page and briefly mentioned the plan to perform stuntwoman activities, become a ninja, do magic tricks, etc. I sincerely hope this […]

In the Beginning, there was an Ear

Several ideas I had were to perform stunts, become a ninja, be a badass, do magic tricks and generally just push myself to the limits of outlandish entertainment that people would at least think, “Hey, that chick is doing a cool thing here. What’s this about?”